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Volvo Red Block Freeze Plug Retainers - Bottle Opener, Clear Anodize
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Volvo Red Block Freeze Plug Retainers - Bottle Opener, Clear Anodize

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Set of 8 Bottle Opening, Clear anodized freeze plug retainers for red block Volvo's.

For those that require added utility!

High performing red block's often push out freeze plugs for various reasons, and freeze plug retainers are a solid solution to this problem. There are other companies supplying retainers, but I'm offering a more robust design that relies on a 3-bolt retention as opposed to the more common 2-bolt pattern. 3 attachment points provide a more secure attachment to the block and reduce the distance between the fasteners, in turn reducing the area for possible leakage.

I highly recommend using the cup-style freeze plug over the disc type with this style of retainer, installing the freeze plug flush to the block so the retainer is in contact with the "rim" of the freeze plug. Optionally, you can install a layer of gasket material under the retainer that will inhibit any smaller leaks.

These are manufactured from water-jet cut 1/8" 6061 T6 Aluminum, Type 2 anodized and packaged in sets of 8.  

I've not included fasteners or installation tools(drill, taps, ect) as most engine builders already have the required tools and have strong preferences in fastener style/size. However, I recommend M4 x 8mm fasteners.

Block drilling, tapping and grinding is required for installation!

*If you'd like to order a mixed set of 8 retainers that include any combination of the other styles, look for the "Custom Order, Freeze Plug Retainers" Product listing.

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