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Engine Development Continued...

Time flies when you have a day job and a family!

However, I have been doing a lot of after hours work on engine components.

I've revised the printed metal reed valve to accommodate a custom built 30mm Lectron carb, I'm absolutely floored with the quality and design from Lectron, I'll have much more to share soon in the carburetion realm, Possibly a kit or two based around these fantastic items.

I found that I needed a precise and adjustable flywheel timing indicator for the modified Vespower flywheel. a prototype shown here will likely get some tweaking before made in any quantity.

A lot of the products I'm designing are really geared towards more radical engine modification, this P200 I'm working with now has a cut-down fan shroud, modified ignition/flywheel, no cylinder tin and a unique card/reed arrangement. Because I feel that the current scooter performance aftermarket serves the market for mild to heavily tuned street ridden scooters so well, I'm more inclined to develop products for the outliers, the bikes and engines likely to be used for competition and extreme road use. 

Here is a made-to-fit engine wiring junction box that fits and mounts to the P200 case after removal of the upper fan shroud casting, more details soon.

Some of you may have noticed an engine and shock mount that extends the engine rearward 4 inches. I do plan on short run production of a kit in various lengths for those who desire a longer wheelbase.

There are so many ideas in the works, my biggest challenge is finding the time to make all of them a reality, but I'm working hard and building things up.

In short, big plans this summer! I should be acquiring a small van that I plan on using to carry this little racer around to various rallies and races all summer. if so, look for me and say hi! 





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