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Regulator/Rectifier Cover

I designed a custom Reg/Rec cover for the Emily the Strange bike.

Since this is an extreme cut-down with no external battery tray or Reg/Rec mount I was struggling a bit with mounting locations. I finally decided to CAD an external mounting plate using water-jet cut 7075 aluminum and a cover in 3D printed Nylon.

The Nylon cover came out quite well using the newest HP Multi-Jet fusion process. It is very robust and highly cost-effective compared to SLS. The cover is a bit textured in its finish but that works well with the wrinkle paint on this bike.

Overall, I'm happy with it. It's a nice home for the Trail-Tech Reg/Rec with adjustable voltage. It is perfect for this all-DC conversion with full wave, floating ground stator.

Not shown here is the internally mounted 4ah battery tray made in welded stainless. More details to come!

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